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We work with North Minneapolis families as part of an effort to reduce the ethnic/racial disparities in Child Welfare outcomes in Minnesota for African American youth and families. We assist the families with court-ordered case plans as well as reunification efforts in cases where out of home placement is agreed upon by all parties.

We connect community resources & health systems to families needing support, basic needs and stabilization. We navigate the system through county resources to ensure that families have all services in place to ensure the safety of their children and stabilize their home.  This helps to reduce the number of African American children who are removed from homes.

The Cultural Navigator acts as a “cultural liaison” between families and county workers.  Assisting the families through uncertainty related to county involvement and facilitating smoother, more effective contact between the families and county staff.


The role of the navigator is to collaboratively assist and advocate for parents/caregivers through:

  • Helping families and child protection workers communicate effectively.
  • Helping families navigate, understand and meet requirements of child protection and court systems.
  • Advocating to connect families with services needed. 
  • Meet and exceed the requirements of their case plan.
  • Safely keeping their child(ren) in the home.
  • Facilitate successful re-entry from out of home care


For more information or to schedule an intake appointment - please contact Carla Brooks at 612.522.0942